Physical Activity for Diabetes Management

Regular Routines

The best strategy when using exercise to manage diabetes is to have a regular (3-5 times a week) exercise routine. This can help you control your weight and manage stress. It is especially important that you exercise on a consistent schedule so your sugar levels can be managed accordingly. This can be walking daily, attending fitness classes, gardening, biking or many other physical pursuits. The exercise or movement can be a quiet walk alone in nature or a wild dance aerobics class. The key is doing it regularly.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks as well as clothing that is not too tight.  Be cautious and consider low-impact exercises especially when you first start a fitness routine.  This will greatly reduce sores and injuries.

Be sure and discuss any changes (increases, decreases or new activities) to your fitness routine with your doctor.

For more information and worksheets to help you start a fitness routine, check out Chapter 5: Move It or Lose It in Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals, and Improve Your Health.

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