At MySkillRx, we believe that the majority of chronic diseases can be improved with behavioral change.

We want to give medical providers the chance to “Give a Skill, Not a Pill” and we want patients to have an abundance of choices to improve their health. We hope to foster an excellent working relationship between patient and provider to make the world a healthier and happier place.

MySkillRx provides useful information and tools for primary care physicians and healthcare providers, as well as their patients. Doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other providers can come here for free and time-saving resources, helping them keep their focus on caring for patients.

MySkillRx is a resource for evidence-based tools for your patients. The information here is organized and disease specific. It is affordable and in clear and plain language. We are constantly adding new resources and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Please note: We are a very new site and our focus has been on getting out as much free content as possible before providing paid content. Please check back often as we will be creating a lot of new tools in the coming months. Your patience will be rewarded.

Our Story

Nicole Eull, PsyD is a health psychologist with an interest in integrative medicine and provider wellness.  She has worked in primary care for over a decade training Family Medicine residents and is the Director of Wellbeing for a large midwestern residency program.  As she observed her trainees she realized that they were giving prescriptions for issues such as insomnia, obesity, tobacco use, chronic pain, and the symptoms of stress.  Dr. Eull started creating audio files with condition specific relaxation exercises for her physicians to distribute to their patients.  She noticed that prescriptions went down drastically when providers had useful tools available to help patients make behavioral changes.

As an integrative psychologist, Dr. Eull believes in the power of choice.  She finds that different people are drawn to different solutions and it is the job of a competent provider to understand the safety, effectiveness and application of these solutions for individual patients.  She created MySkillRx to get these tools and solutions to a wider audience and to help other providers do the same.