Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals and Improve Your Health

Change won’t happen without you. Are you ready to take charge?

Hi there! It’s a good thing you took a minute to check me out. I’m a great little book full of tools, stories and exercises that can help you feel healthy, vibrant and in control.

Change takes time and effort but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Well To Do helps you review the areas of your health that need improvement and take the steps needed to see results. You can review the Well To Do Lists and practice the Skill Prescriptions on your own or work through them with your doctor over time.

This book helps you learn and practice the skills to:

  • Get engaged with your healthcare
  • Easily integrate healthy habits
  • Eat foods that work for you
  • Move your body more effectively and more often
  • Manage stress, manage pain and sleep better
  • Stop smoking
  • Prepare for end-of-life considerations
  • Learn the secrets of happy people

You can read the book cover to cover, or you can pick out the chapters that speak to you personally and read them in the order that is most important to you. You can also ask your doctor for some guidance.

Thomas Edison once said “If we all did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Prepare to be astounded!

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