Diabetes can be a frustrating and challenging disease to manage.  Individuals with diabetes should maintain healthy diet and exercise, check their sugars on a regular schedule and may have to manage numerous medications.  Diabetes can also cause other health concerns such as poor circulation and problems with vision.  Diabetes is challenging because most of the things that help control diabetes require some effort and motivation but people with poorly controlled diabetes often struggle with lack of motivation and lack of energy.

The good news is there are many different things you can try to improve your diabetes management. Take some time to look through the articles below. They are organized by category or resources such as books, behavior changes and audio downloads that can make a difference.

Work through these resources at your own pace and choose one or two things to work on at a time. Start with the things that are the best match for your interests. We strive to arm you with ample choices because you are an individual with unique strengths and preferences.

For more detailed instructions and worksheets to improve your Diabetes management, check out Chapter 3: Eating in a Modern World, Chapter 4: The Best Food for You and Chapter 5: Move It or Lose It  in Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals, and Improve Your Health.

We wish you good health.

Tools and Resources:

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