Botanicals and Essential Oils for Insomnia

The following herbs and botanicals are often recommended in herbal medicine and aromatherapy for improved sleep.  Please see notice below for precautions.  The majority of our herbal and botanical recommendations come from the National Geographic Guide to Medicinal Herbs.

Chamomile (Essential Oil, Tea)

Hops (Supplement, Tea, Tincture, Hops sachet) – Often combined with valerian

Lavender (Essential Oil, Herb, Tea)

Lemon Balm (Essential Oil, Herb, Tea, Tincture)

Passion Flower (Infusion/Tea, Supplement, Tincture)

Skullcap (Supplement, Tea, Tincture)

Valerian (Extract, Supplement, Tea, Tincture) – Increased effect when coupled with hops and/or lemon balm

Important Notice: Talk to your doctor and/or a qualified herbalist before beginning use of supplements or botanicals.  Supplements are botanicals in highly concentrated form and can interfere with other medications and have undesired side effects.  The botanicals listed above can cause drowsiness and are likely to impair your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery.  We do not recommend taking ANY essential oils internally.  The supplement and botanical industry is not well regulated at this time.  Ask a trusted source for recommended brands and choose organic options when possible.