Diagnostic Testing Before Surgery and Procedures

Pre-Surgical Screening

Before any major surgery, you may be asked to see your general doctor for a pre-surgical screening appointment.  In this visit, your doctor will review your medical history and current condition to decide if you are a good candidate for surgery.  This is an important visit.  Delaying this visit will delay your surgery.  Be honest with your doctor about concerns or health risks.  Don’t let your eagerness to “get it over with” interfere with your safety. Your doctor may order some labs and tests prior to clearing you for surgery.  Remember, he or she has your safety and a successful outcome in mind.

Pre-Procedure Testing

Some procedures require certain clearance or testing.  For example, many procedures or placements cannot be done if a woman is pregnant.  Others should not be done if your blood pressure is too high or you are using addictive or illegal drugs.

Other Considerations

Your surgeon or doctor may insist that you stop using drugs, reduce your alcohol intake, stop smoking or lose weight prior to the surgery or procedure.  This is for your safety.  This is not meant to be insulting or nagging.  Your doctor wants to ensure the best possible outcome and avoid any possible risks.