Mind-Body Therapies to Prepare for Surgery and Procedures


Many people are nervous about surgeries and procedures.  This is normal and understandable.  Hypnosis may help calm your fears and prepare you for a healthy recovery. In a 2007 study, researchers found that women who had just one 15-minute session of hypnosis prior to surgery used less pain medications and reported less nausea, fatigue discomfort and emotional upset following surgery. Consider listening to one of the recordings below prior to your surgery. Some surgeons will even allow you to listen to these during surgery and procedures.

Audio Downloads for Surgeries and Procedures


Mantras are phrases that a person can say repeatedly to help bring calm, comfort, confidence and other positive emotions. These phrases are often paired with a breathing rhythm. For example you could inhale while saying to yourself ‘I am’ and exhale saying ‘calm’, inhale ‘I am’ exhale ‘comfortable’, inhale ‘I am’ exhale ‘relaxed’. Then you continue to repeat the cycle of phrases for 3-5 minutes. Substitute the words that are most meaningful to you. You could also try repeating in your head ‘I am calm, comfortable and in control’. Creating a habit of saying the same phrase daily as frustration begins, will trigger the mind and body to relax and remind you of your desire to stay in control before, during and after surgery.


A regular practice of meditation can be very helpful in learning to control an overactive mind. It can also help calm the body and release muscle tension.  This can help you manage anxiety before surgery and assist with recovery and pain management afterwards.


Yoga can help you manage anxiety and build strength before surgery.  Following surgery, yoga can help you regain strength and flexibility. Specifically, we recommend Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga and Restorative Yoga.  Ask your doctor when it is safe for you to begin physical activity.

Try the link below for a free online gentle yoga class designed specifically to promote stress relief:

Gentle Hatha: Taking It Slow