“Happiness comes when your words and work are of benefit to yourself and others”
– Buddha

You are a medical provider. You are smart, caring, compassionate and dedicated to your work. How can you teach your patients healthy habits?

You want to help each patient improve his or her health and make better choices. You are also faced with so many other demands. How can you teach them skills to reduce their blood pressure, improve their diabetes, reduce pain and manage stress?

MySkillRx is a resource for evidence-based tools for your patients.  The information here is organized and disease specific. It is affordable and in clear and plain language. We are constantly adding new resources and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Please note: We are a very new site and our focus has been on getting out as much free content as possible before providing paid content.  Please check back often as we will be creating a lot of new tools in the coming months.  Your patience will be rewarded.

Tools to Improve Your Practice

Quick Relaxation Audio Time Out – Help anxious patients relax or patients with high blood pressure lower their readings with this short relaxation exercise.  Have your MA press play after rooming the patient and you can re-check blood pressure when you enter the room.

Pre-Procedure Audio Time Out – Help patients relax before dermatology or obstetric procedures.  This audio file can help patients decrease anxiety, experience less pain and be more optimistic about recovery. Coming Soon!

Audio Time Outs – Check out a list of our downloads.  Find ways to help your patients focus the mind, manage stress and fight disease. 

Well to Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals and Improve Your Health – This book was designed as a Skill Prescription for your patients.  It’s a great workbook full of To Do Lists to help you set goals and empower your patients to make healthy choices.  The book combines the principles of setting SMART Goals and Motivational Interviewing to maximize your time in the exam room.  Each chapter targets a common health issue in primary care including smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, managing chronic illness, dying with dignity and secrets to a happy life. This is a great tool to guide your goal-setting conversations with your patients and can also be used to guide group visits.

Session Survival Skills – Learn Tips and tricks to conduct efficient and productive sessions while building rapport and trust. Coming Soon!

Provider Self Care

Compassion Meditation Audio Time Out – Use this valuable tool to manage compassion fatigue and burnout Coming Soon!

Mini Compassion Meditation Audio Time Out – We know you are a busy person.  This is a brief meditation to help you prepare for a great practice day or to clear your head (and heart) so you are ready to leave your practice behind and enjoy your family and friends. Coming Soon!

MySkillRx Live
Would you like us to present at your next meeting or conference?

Take a look at HODICenter.com to see if our presentations might be a good fit for your event.  We love to meet our community members in person.

Coming Soon!
We’re working to create a podcast that will address the behavioral and mental health issues you manage in your practice.  We’ll teach you skills that are easy to remember and have been tested in the real world.  Content will be free and you can take a quiz for CME credit for an additional fee.

If you have any specific requests for content, we would love to hear them.  Let us know!