Well To Do – More

Thanks for reading Well To Do: A Guide to Take Charge, Set Goals, and Improve Your Health. I hope you find the book useful. As a thank you to you, I want to offer you these free downloads.

Breathe In Breathe OutAudio Time Out: 1-2 Breathing
Enjoy this brief audio relaxation as a way to manage stress, control anger, release tension and even lower your blood pressure. It’s quick and easy and once you learn the technique, you can do it anywhere.


Well To Do ListsWell To Do Lists – Worksheets
Get a printable PDF with all the Well To Do List worksheets from the end of the chapters in the book. This may be especially helpful if you are reading the Kindle version of the book.


Well To Do: Skill Prescriptions
Download a PDF with the Skill Prescriptions in Well To Do, to print them, use them, and share them with your friends, family and patients!



Here is a list of all the links in the book for your convenience:

Chapter 1: Managing Your Healthcare

Chapter 4: The Best Food for You

Chapter 5: Move It or Lose It

Chapter 6: Breathe Easy – Stop Smoking

Chapter 7: Rest Is Best

Chapter 8: Pain Management

Chapter 9: Stress Management for You and the People Who Care for You

Chapter 11: Dying with Dignity